Limited Time Offer

Rent or cross-rent our translation FM receiver equipment for your event.  Ask us about our rental promotion of applying rental fees towards equipment purchases.  TX-37 transmitters are also available when rented together with our receivers.

Simultaneous Translation Receiver Design

Rent the DSPT-FM1 Digital Express Receiver™ for your event.  Our translation and interpretation receivers have recessed hard press buttons to significantly reduce accidental operation. Direct access preset buttons allow instant access to audio channels making them the most user friendly receivers on the market today. Smart programming makes our receivers ready to go as soon as they are turned on. No complicated time consuming menus to scroll through that require technicians to setup before a conference starts. Just distribute and turn on. Our DIGITAL EXPRESS RECEIVER™ technology delivers efficiency and hassle free operation to save you time and money.

*Receiver and transmitter rentals are subject to availability.

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