Digi-Sat Plus Technologies

Best system we've used so far: ideal for plant/site visits, small to large-size meetings, requiring simultaneous interpretation. Battery life is astounding; never ever have we seen anything longer lasting. As for sound, we're amazed at the clear quality! The idea of receivers/transmitter only turning on with headphone plug inserted is great! We from Global View, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, do recommend DSPTech system doubtlessly! We'd been used to top-notch systems, but DSPTech has surely surpassed them all!

Alex Breder Avatar Alex Breder

Best system ever made! Simple, straightforward, amazing battery life and most importantly, the sound quality is unmatched. Thank you.

Fadi Joubran Avatar Fadi Joubran

DSPTECH has been a huge help to me as a freelance conference and court interpreter! Vito helped me not only decide on a kit that works for me, but also helped me understand how to set up and maintain the equipment. The receivers are especially high quality and easy to use for attendees. DSPTECH offers a special combination of high quality equipment, and excellent customer service!

Liz Essary Avatar Liz Essary

DSPTECH has outfitted our church with a great FM system. Super quality anywhere in the auditorium (seats 350). Customer service was great! Call backs and a demo of the product in the evening so our volunteer interpreter could be present. Very accommodating. No hesitation in recommending this company.

David Pett Avatar David Pett

It is hard to find quality products, but also quality service these days. DSPTECH really goes above and beyond, providing good quality products and also good quality after care service and also assists in setting up your equipment. I really and honestly recommend DSPTECH for all your translation equipment and related technical needs. Thank you DSPTECH!

Tommy Palliser Avatar Tommy Palliser

Customer service is second to none! The entire purchasing experience smooth and fast, and the unit was personally delivered to my office within 2 days. When I had questions about the system (while in Amman, Jordan) I received detailed assistance in writing and via phone, as well as the option to have a local service technician join me for free to provide assistance at my event. Would certainly recommend to anyone looking for hands on support and great quality!

Anne Christensen Avatar Anne Christensen

Nous avons une entreprise d'interprétation simultanée et nous demandons à différents fournisseurs de nous louer de l'équipement SI fiable. Monsieur Ricci nous a contactés et nous étions ravis par ses excellents conseils et sa connaissance de notre industrie assez spécialisée. Quand nous avons appris qu'il est aussi extrêmement apprécié par certaines des meilleures entreprises d'interprétation simultanée au Québec et Canada comme LMB, qui est l'un de nos clients les plus importants, nous étions heureux de faire affaire avec lui. C'est aussi rassurant de voir qu'il y a enfin un fabricant canadien pour soutenir l'industrie d'interprétation simultanée,

Joseph Blain Avatar Joseph Blain

I was looking for high quality receivers and simultaneous interpretation equipment for our company as we have a growing demand to serve our customers and wanted to do it the right way. We tested several models and including some low cost products that just didn’t do the job right until we found Dsptech. They have come out with a high quality and durable receiver specially designed for the translation industry. The sound quality is great and I couldn’t see for any reason spending 10 times the price on an infrared system. Their FM solution is solid, reliable, and sounds great. It’s also very simple to use for event participants. Everyone's been happy and we couldn’t have asked for more. We also had the privilege to test out their new CSI system to track all receivers going out and coming back. Never seen anything like it before on the market before, another great product. Tracks all receivers with names and detailed information of exactly who took the receiver and didn’t bring them back. Also reduced our signing out and usual return times by about 70%. Clients were able to take the receivers home with them and return back at the end of our 3 day conference. With an extremely fast return system, we wrapped up a lot sooner than at our other events. Client’s loved it and we saved a lot of headaches and we experienced a huge saving of time. We had all 15 lost receivers returned the following week because we had detailed records of the users that took them out. Incredible ! Highly recommend Vito and his team to work with in the future ! Jeff Grossberg President - Kostar Audio Visual

Simon Brault Avatar Simon Brault

The Simultaneous interpretation receivers are the simplest to use for our clients and interpreters. They are reliable and provide crystal clear sound quality. Fast on time delivery and personalized professional expert service, very portable light- weight equipment. I strongly recommend the portable equipment for Court interpretation and small meetings.

Rana Ch. Avatar Rana Ch.