Reliable receiver user identification and equipment tracking without holding onto IDs!   Sure to make waves in the industry, launching now in 2019!

With our new CONFERENCE SMART ID™ system collecting and holding onto ID cards is no longer necessary and provides incredible benefits that other service and equipment providers are not able to offer.  Express checkout and return of equipment with significantly reduced wait times and flexibility for your clients are all benefits that will greatly contribute to a more positive customer service experience.  Eliminate the hassles and risks of losing ID cards!   The headaches and poor customer experience from long lines of labor intensive registration, collection, and return processes will be a thing of the past.  Our CSI system is changing the industry in an extremely positive way.

Combining state of the art Barcode and RFID technologies with a solid reliable software solution based on a system originally designed to track firearms for Federal and Provincial law enforcement agencies.

CONFERENCE SMART ID™ is a revolutionary solution to the always reoccurring problem of keeping track of all those translation and interpretation receivers at conferences, events, or meetings.  Our system can also be used to track any other equipment distributed or handed out at a venue without the need to physically hold a participant’s ID card.  iPads, iPhones, Tablets, Laptops, Smartphones, Communication devices, Media Players etc… the list is endless.


Feedback from our clients when the CSI system was used at multiple large conference events:

 1. No more risks or worries of physically holding onto ID cards or passports which is sometimes not even permitted or allowed by the event organizers.

2. Significant reduction in wait times when checking out and issuing receivers to event participants.

3. Since physical ID cards are not kept, participants were given the option to return at the end of the day or the end of the conference, whichever they felt more comfortable doing and at their convenience.  This further significantly reduced wait times each morning as event participants did not need to line up again to sign out their headsets and then return them again at the end of the day.

4. There was little to no wait times when returning the receivers at the end of day as headset attendants did not have to look up envelopes, find cases, and return ID cards.

5. Amazed at how attendees can now just drop off their equipment and leave immediately.  The checkout and return process was extremely fast and stress free.

6. The system was very secure and reliable.  Extremely easy to use for volunteers and headset attendants.

7. The overall distribution of headset receivers flowed rapidly without any bottlenecks or delays.  The first day of issuing receivers can be made even faster with additional handheld computers.

8. A detailed report was produced with photo evidence of exactly which receivers were not returned and the names of the participants who did not return them.  This provided clear conclusive and indisputable data when communicating with their clients and requesting the units be returned or billed for.

9. Significantly improved and enhanced customer service that provided a pleasant stress free experience for event participants.

10. A very positive image was conveyed to their clients as they were being known as leaders in the industry using the latest technology in conference equipment management and tracking systems.




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