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to make certain your conference interpretation services run smoothly in your next event. We provide Professional Event Conference Interpretation Services in Canada along with the United States. We also provide Conference Interpretation systems for a lot of organizations worldwide. We provide simultaneous interpretation services for webinar meetings, interactive video and audio conferencing. Language Marketplace provides professional  interpretation services for all of your meeting requirements.

  • Conference
  • Live events
  • Teleconferences
  • Webcasts
  • Conventions
  • Seminars
  • Webinars
  • Board meetings
  • Annual meetings
  • Press conferences
  • Negotiations
  • Site visits
  • Film Festivals

Our interpretation equipment works with any environment or setting, including financial meetings, medical conferences, legal, business, and informal settings.

We possess a reference report on satisfied customers that grows each and every day. We are able to offer specific conference references coming from all subject matters. These include areas like medical conferences, government conferences, international organizations, mining, labor negotiations, legal, biotech conferences and spiritual events. We are likely to have previous related customers to offer peace of mind!

We employ a dynamic network of professional simultaneous conference interpreters and consecutive interpreters that could fit your complete needs. We are specialists in supplying the best quality professional Simultaneous Conference Interpreters. Our interpreters work with every conference environment; from smaller get togethers utilizing wireless simultaneous interpretation systems, whispered simultaneous interpretation, to providing simultaneous interpretation (SI) services as a whole conventions or live events with countless attendees within a multi- language environment!

 Simultaneous interpretation: The interpreter interprets what’s being said which is spoken. Interpreters often sit in the sound proof booth before a microphone. They listen through headphones to your incoming message inside the source language and communicate (translate) it over the microphone to whoever is listening (using headsets) in the target language. This is the preferred means for simultaneous interpretation (referred to as simultaneous translation).

For smaller meetings, the interpreter can be use a portable conference system, the location where the interpreter sits inside back of the meeting room, listening on the meeting directly, and interpreting inside a whispered mode right into a microphone to whomever is listening (using headsets).

And if you find a requirement for simultaneous interpretation (translation) for example or two attendees your meeting, interpreters can sit next for the participant(s) – (we advise no more than two) – and offer service within a whispered mode. Whispered simultaneous interpretation (translation) doesn’t involve any type of equipment.
Language Marketplace is an organization with experience and also a reputation you can depend on! Our interpreters been employed in 1000s of conferences and meetings. Our knowledgeable staff can help you every step of the way. Our support services and quality will take you back. Conferences are our specialty! Our head offices is located in Toronto, Canada.
We provide interpreters and translators for conferences, events, teleconferences, videoconferencing and web conferences in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Québec City, and a lot of other locations in Canada!

  • Simultaneous Events

The interpreter interprets (translates) precisely what is being said simultaneously, in ‘real-time’ as it’s being spoken. The simultaneous interpretation is rendered towards the target-language listeners via their earphones.

  • Consecutive Interpretation

In consecutive interpretation the speaker pauses to the interpreter to reproduce the content into the target language, in their entirety so that as though the interpreter were making the main speech.

  • Webinars Conferences

Webinars, Webex meetings, teleconferences and video-conferences! Our expertise may help you determine requirements and setup. We provide seamless simultaneous conference interpretation for virtually every online conference event.

  • Whispered Interpretations

When simultaneous interpretation service is essential for only one or two persons, our interpreters can offer whispered simultaneous interpretation.

  • Meetings

For smaller meetings, the interpreter could also use a portable conference system, the spot that the interpreter sits behind the meeting room and interprets in the whispered mode to a microphone to whomever is listening (using headsets).

  • Live Broadcasts Events

Multi-language interpretation for big events with live broadcasting is often a segment where our professionalism, trust , expertise shines. Our simultaneous translation conference interpreters are trusted within this important segment.